What Makes Us Different for ADD/ADHD Care and Help in Florida

It begins from your first phone call, all the way through your entire recovery process. Dr. Hansbrough has many years of experience helping patients with debilitating brain disorders and a proven track record of success. You will be pleasantly surprised at the level of comprehensive and customized care that you receive.

Determining the Underlying Cause

Believe it or not, ADD/ADHD can have different triggers and root causes. In order to effectively manage your condition, you have to know what triggers it and work to eliminate those triggers. Working with the right practitioner will be crucial to your successful recovery because unfortunately, many practitioners don’t take the time to determine the underlying cause and this leads to a cycle of more doctors visits and more medication because patients don’t ever seem to improve.

It takes gathering and analyzing a lot of information to get a clear picture of your overall health. Dr. Hansbrough understands this and he has over 32 years of experience in helping patients get to the bottom of their brain disorders. He begins with a thorough examination, a complete brain evaluation, and comprehensive lab testing.

After determining the root cause of your disorder, Dr. Hansbrough will then create a customized care plan that is designed to help you improve not only your brain disorder, but also your overall health.

Customized, Safe and Natural Care

You and your children and loved ones are unique individuals, especially when it comes to your health. You or your family member will have individual symptoms, triggers and even responses that are different from everyone else. So why would you want to have the same treatment as everyone else?

Customized care is vital to ensure the success of you and your families care plan. You may not respond to certain therapies and may need to have your care adjusted or altered appropriately as you progress. Children respond differently to therapy than adults or seniors do. Your practitioner must understand and be prepared for this. You may even need additional testing to monitor your progress during your recovery process.

At Hansbrough Functional Neurology all care plans are customized based on each person’s individual needs and their test results. Dr. Hansbrough has a variety of therapy options available to meet each patient’s needs. He will not hesitate to run additional tests to monitor your progress if necessary.

Dr. Hansbrough Utilizes Neurofeedback for Patients with Brain Disorders Such as ADD/ADHD.

Neurofeedback works by gently balancing and improving the brain’s communication pathways within itself through photic stimulation and neurointegration, which essentially is light and sound stimulation. Johns Hopkins, the Univ. of Utah, Ohio State, Univ. of Tennessee, UCLA, and other prestigious American universities, including Harvard, have studied and supported the use of Neurofeedback. It is a safe and gentle way to help the brain reorganize itself. Information about Neurofeedback has been featured in:

Dr. Randy Hansbrough is one of only a handful of practitioners to offer Neurofeedback in Florida. This groundbreaking approach incorporates state-of-the-art equipment with the expertise of our professionally trained staff to get patients, both children and adults, drug-free options for ADD/ADHD care. You can learn even more about Neurofeedback here.

The Gut – Brain Connection

More and more connections are being found between the gut and the brain, in fact it’s believed that they are so intimately connected that you might consider them one system. Just as stress can cause abdominal pain or nausea, this also means that if you have GI disorders, food sensitivities or bowel issues these might be contributing to imbalances in your brain.

This is why it’s so vital to address the body as an entire operating system, so that any imbalances in other body systems that may be contributing to your brain disorder can be corrected. If one part of the operating system is malfunctioning it will definitely affect the other body systems.

If you're ready for long-term improvement for your brain health as well as your overall health, then the team at Hansbrough Functional Neurology is ready to help you. You will appreciate the personal attention and one-on-one care that you receive from the clinic and from Dr. Hansbrough himself.

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