How We Help ADD/ADHD Problems

If you or your child suffers from ADD/ADHD you understand how frustrating it can be.

Often children struggle in school because they have a hard time focusing, staying on task, or following directions. They may have discipline problems because they are unable to sit still or they’re disruptive in class. They may have challenges making and keeping friends. All of these can lead to low self-esteem and sometimes even depression issues.

Adults suffering with ADD/ADHD can have problems getting and keeping a job, trouble with relationships both personally and professionally, trouble concentrating and getting things accomplished and a whole host of other problems.

It’s often hard as a parent to know what’s best to do to help your child or help yourself or another adult who struggles with this frustrating condition. Traditional practitioners will offer medication, however this may not be the best option for every person, since many patients suffer side effects from medication that can make ADD/ADHD conditions even worse. For those looking for an alternative option to medications, the good news is that there is hope!

A Different Approach

Dr. Randy Hansbrough located in Stuart, Florida, has been offering natural and safe care to patients for conditions like ADD/ADHD and other brain disorders for over 32 years. Dr. Hansbrough has extensive training in functional neurology and functional medicine that allows him to offer very effective brain therapies to patients without the use of drugs.

Because of his training, Dr. Hansbrough evaluates the body as an entire operating system. He understands that when one body system is failing, it affects everything else. Did you know that GI issues could also actually contribute to your brain disorder? This is why it’s very important to get a complete picture of a patient’s condition and determine the underlying cause of their condition.

Comprehensive Testing

In order to determine the root cause of your ADD/ADHD issues, Dr. Hansbrough will start with comprehensive testing. He will start with an examination and a discussion about your current condition and past health history. This helps him pinpoint exactly which tests to run. Knowing which tests to run and how to properly analyze them will be crucial to your successful recovery.

The tests that Dr. Hansbrough may run can include:

  • Complete Blood Chemistry Panel
  • Saliva Testing
  • Urine Samples
  • Stool Samples
  • Complete Brain Evaluation

It is only after he gathers and evaluates all of your information will he make recommendations for your ADD/ADHD care, which may include Neurofeedback.

Customized Care With a Natural Approach

Because you are a unique individual, your care must be customized and tailored to your specific needs, and Dr. Hansbrough understands this. He bases all of his care recommendations on your current condition, past health history information, complete brain evaluation, and lab testing results. He has a number of therapies within his arsenal, and he’s prepared to adjust the plan as necessary based on your progress.

He also offers cutting edge therapies for brain disorders like Neurofeedback. This is an effective, safe treatment that uses light and sound stimulation to gently help your brain reorganize itself. Patients with ADD are achieving great results with Neurofeedback, and the best news of all is that it does not involve the use of medication.

Dr. Hansbrough will also guide you through the necessary nutrition and lifestyle changes that you will have to make in order to effectively manage your condition. There are many connections about diet and how it affects our brain. Dr. Hansbrough will give you tools necessary for you to control your ADD/ADHD.

Support Every Step of The Way

Through his many years of experience, Dr. Hansbrough has learned that sometimes it can be challenging for patients to make the necessary changes to improve their conditions; so he sets them up for success through three areas of support. This is education, coaching and mentoring.

Dr. Hansbrough will take the time to educate you about your condition so that you will understand exactly what your triggers are and how to manage them. He knows that in order for you to control your ADD/ADHD, you have to completely understand it.

Dr. Hansbrough and the team at Hansbrough Functional Neurology are prepared to coach you through each step of your recovery process. They offer educational materials and staff available to answer your questions and meet your needs whenever necessary. Your care plan will be a step-by-step guide back to optimum health and well-being. Patients under Dr. Hansbrough’s care achieve great results and you can rest assured we will work hard to do the same for you.

When you’re ready to get solutions to you or your child's ADD/ADHD and reclaim your health and your life, contact Dr. Hansbrough today at (772) 287-7701 to schedule a consultation.

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