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If you have trouble focusing on tasks, staying organized, dealing with stress or impulsive behavior, you might be suffering from ADD/ADHD, or Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Many adults actually suffer from this disorder even though it’s generally associated with children. It can be very challenging to manage day-to-day life and work when you suffer from ADD. However, there is good news for both adults and children; ADD/ADHD is actually a brain disorder and with the proper therapies you can actually improve your condition, learn how to manage your disorder and reclaim your life.

The first step is finding the right practitioner to work with, and this is very important because traditional medicine will typically prescribe medication for ADD/ADHD, and often patients are told that this is their only option for care. However, Dr. Randy Hansbrough, located in Stuart, Florida has other safe, effective, drug-free options available for his patients.

A Highly Trained Practitioner

Dr. Hansbrough is board certified in functional neurology through the Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies, and he’s listed with the American Chiropractic Neurology Board, which requires ongoing training and annual recertification in brain disorders.

He’s also a certified Functional Medicine practitioner. Both of these post-doctoral certifications are recognized by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies as the gold standard for medical continuing education.

Dr. Hansbrough has over 33 years of experience in helping patients with ADD/ADHD and other brain disorders.

Because of his thorough and comprehensive approach he is known for handling the challenging cases and he’s often able to find answers for patients where other practitioners could not. His passion is helping patients improve their conditions and reclaim their lives; his goal is to empower you with the tools to manage your own health for the rest of your life.

Safe, Effective and Drug-Free Care

Dr. Hansbrough and the team at Hansbrough Functional Neurology offer patients solutions for ADD/ADHD that do not involve prescribing medication. It starts with proper diagnosis and determining the root cause of your condition. This is done with comprehensive lab testing and a thorough brain evaluation. Dr. Hansbrough takes his time gathering information about your condition before he recommends any therapies. This is because he wants to get the complete picture of your health and determine exactly where your imbalances are occurring. He understands that this will be different for every patient and that’s why he customizes care plans based on every patient’s individual needs.

Once your care plan is created, Dr. Hansbrough is there to coach and mentor you through the recovery process. He offers cutting edge brain therapies that can help your brain overcome ADD/ADHD. He will also recommend nutrition and lifestyle changes to correct any imbalances in your other body systems. He and his team are there to support you through the entire process.

Comprehensive Testing

Dr. Hansbrough begins every new patient examination with a discussion about your current condition and symptoms, as well as your past health history and your family history. This gives him an idea of exactly which lab tests are needed to determine the underlying causes of your condition. He will also give you a complete brain evaluation and create a map of your brain that will tell him where imbalances are occurring.

Because of his training in functional medicine, Dr. Hansbrough looks at your body as an entire operating system rather than just a set of isolated symptoms.  He will run lab tests that can include, but are not limited to: Complete Blood Chemistry panel, Autoimmune and Food Reactions panel, Saliva Testing, Stool and Urine Samples. In addition, he is one of the first doctors in the U.S. to provide DNA matched nutrient supplements that are matched to your unique genetic profile.

It is only through comprehensive testing that Dr. Hansbrough can get the complete picture of your health in order to give you the proper recommendations for care.

Neurofeedback for Effective ADD/ADHD Treatment

When Dr. Hansbrough evaluates the brain, great care is taken to customize and apply the plan of treatment for that person’s unique brain map and their individual needs. To achieve optimum results, Neurofeedback is often recommended. Neurofeedback is a customized and advanced form of computer-assisted neural-integration that is proven effective for ADD and ADHD, and many other brain disorders. It helps to improve the brain’s communication pathways within itself, through light and sound stimulation.

Neurofeedback works by encouraging improved brain efficiency through what is called photic stimulation and neurointegration. And here’s how it works: The patient sits in a comfortable chair, with headphones and a pair of goggles on with blinking lights in them. Both are wired to a device called a neurointegrator. EEG leads are pasted to the person’s head but with no needles into the scalp, so it’s comfortable and it’s easy to relax. The wire connections allow for the neurointegrator to read the brain waves, and it will respond according to how it’s programed by Dr. Hansbrough, which is based on the information obtained from the brain map. While enjoying a peaceful, beautiful and calming movie, the computer measures how the brain is tuning in or out. When the brain is tuned in, getting the movie in normal full brightness rewards it, but when the brain is not fully tuned in, the movie will dim, and the sound will fade proportionately. This is occurring while the photic glasses are blinking in a predetermined pattern, based on the neuromap, to “teach” the brain to perform better.

As the brain learns through reorganized brain circuitry, less and less fading of the movie and sound occurs, indicating improved brain performance and therefore progress. As this process goes forward, symptoms improve as the brain repairs itself, resulting in decreased symptoms of ADD or ADHD.

Neurofeedback: The Safe, Effective and Drug-Free Option for ADD/ADHD Treatment

A growing number of patients see Neurofeedback as an appealing alternative to medication to treat their or their child's ADD/ADHD. The treatment is relatively simple and painless. Frank Duffy, MD, Pediatric Neurologist from Harvard Medical School, has recommended it, and it is also endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Leading universities around the U.S. have developed it for decades, and the U.S. Army has used it very successfully. Dr. Hansbrough offers this care to veterans, as a way to give something back to them. Neurofeedback has been featured in:

We are pleased to offer Neurofeedback in our community. People have traveled here from all over Florida and the United States and the Caribbean for this effective and well researched treatment modality. This groundbreaking approach incorporates state-of-the-art equipment with the expertise of our professionally trained staff. You can learn even more about Neurofeedback here.

When you’re ready to work with a practitioner with a proven track record of results in helping ADD/ADHD...Dr. Randy Hansbrough is the one in Florida to call.

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