ADD/ADHD 101: Tips and Your Questions Answered

ADD/ADHD is a brain disorder that makes it difficult for people to inhibit their spontaneous responses.

These responses can involve everything from movement to speech to attentiveness. Even though it’s typically considered a childhood disorder, ADD can and does affect many adults as well.

Some behaviors of ADD/ADHD in children are defiance, anger outbursts, fitful sleep, loss of appetite or fussy eating, bed wetting, social anxiety or awkwardness, abuse of self or other children, headaches, dizziness, excessive laziness or lack of interest in play, and lethargy or fatigue. Although your child may not display all of these behaviors, living with ADD/ADHD can be challenging. Your child may struggle in social situations and have problems at school with getting into trouble or underperforming. All of these things can take a toll on a child’s self-esteem as well.

Adults who suffer from ADD/ADHD can also have a hard time functioning in every day life.

They can experience challenges with being disorganized, chronic lateness, procrastination, challenges dealing with stress, emotional issues, inability to concentrate, forgetfulness, impulsive behavior, and hyperactivity. This can lead to problems at work, and at home with their families and personal relationships.

Sadly, traditional medicine, doesn’t have much to offer for treatment of ADD/ADHD other than medication, and unfortunately medication can lead to many unwanted side effects that often make the condition worse. Traditional practitioners are trained to diagnose and treat symptoms, it’s a “one size fits all” protocol for treatment that is really not designed to achieve long-term results; by contrast it keeps you on a perpetual cycle of feeling worse and having to take increased medication or different medication.

However, there are solutions out there for safe, effective and natural care for ADD/ADHD that does not involve the use of drugs.

In the field of Functional Medicine, practitioners are taking a different approach. Providers like Dr. Randy Hansbrough are using their training in functional neurology and functional medicine to offer patients therapies that help the brain gently balance and improve the brain’s communication pathways within itself without the use of drugs.

Functional Medicine trains its practitioners to look at the body as an entire operating system and not just a set of isolated symptoms. Dr. Hansbrough will start with comprehensive lab testing and a thorough brain evaluation in order to determine where your body and brain are imbalanced. He then can recommend the appropriate therapies to correct the imbalances. ALL of this is done with a customized approach, understanding that every patient is different and they all need individualized care.

Common Questions About ADD/ADHD

Can ADD/ADHD be reversed or cured? ADD and ADHD can absolutely be improved upon significantly. When you uncover the hidden reasons for the brain’s neurochemistry to lose its normal balance and efficiency of performance, you can take drug free actions to correct and balance the brain, leading to peace and calm again.

Isn’t ADD/ADHD just a problem with lack of paying attention or laziness? It’s a natural state of being for humans to want to be productive and feel like they accomplished something meaningful and worthwhile, otherwise boredom sets in, so it’s not a case of being lazy or not paying attention. Actually, it is the other way around. With ADD or ADHD, there is an imbalance in brain neurochemistry due to a concussion or other cause, and to effectively manage the condition, you need to get to the root of it. This can often be done without relying on drugs.

My child is on medications for his ADD/ADHD and they work just fine. Can’t he just stay on them? While Dr. Hansbrough always respects a parent’s choice for their child, he also feels responsible to inform the parent of the well-chronicled hazards of drugging a child’s brain, and he believes the risks aren’t worth it. A natural approach is far safer and more effective in the long term. When a parent sees the history of psychotropic drug use in children, drug-free options will look much better to them.

My doctor says that the ONLY way to help ADD/ADHD is with prescription medications. Is this true? According to the Citizen’s Commission for Human Rights, the risk of worsened childhood behavior is accelerated over time when they are on psychotropic drugs. There is also no scientific evidence that proves that Rx drugs correct an underlying cause. They may subdue brain activity in the short term, but a drug free approach is always safer and better in the long term, so no, that is not true.

What is Neurofeedback and how does it help ADD/ADHD? Neurofeedback is a customized and more advanced form of computer-assisted biofeedback, and is proven effective for ADD and ADHD, and many other brain disorders, by gently balancing and improving the brain’s communication pathways within itself, through light and sound stimulation. This is one of the natural brain therapies that is offered at Hansbrough Functional Neurology for patients who suffer from ADD/ADHD.

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