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Dr. Randy Hansbrough, DC, DACAN, FIACN, CFMP, DPsc focuses on helping children and adults suffering from difficult ADD/ADHD and other brain disorders. For over 32 years, Dr. Hansbrough has worked primarily with patients who suffer from ADD/ADHD in the Stuart Florida, Treasure Coast area, around Florida and the United States.


We are John and Rocio, parents of our five year old Jesse, who was diagnosed with a moderate degree of autism at age three. Jesse suffered with recurrent infections, with routine fevers of 104 that came and went every 2-4 days. This also included neurological delay and an absence of verbal communication, making odd noises instead of actual speech. Then in October of 2015 we contacted Dr. Randy Hansbrough, and after 3 weeks of therapy, Jesse’s fevers stopped, and several weeks after that his speech showed encouraging signs of improvement. He also started focusing better and responding in ways he didn’t before. He is talking more and is more comfortable around other people. He is a healthy and happy child now, and is playing with his friends and brothers. We see that Jesse is well on his way to recovery, and we are sincerely thankful for Dr. Hansbrough and the help he has given our family. We highly recommend him and his team, Jody and Liza!

ADD/ADHD can be a very challenging and even debilitating condition.

Those who suffer from it or have a child or loved one who suffers can understand the frustrations that go along with managing ADD/ADHD. It can affect both adults and children, making life feel overwhelming and challenging at times.

It also can affect friendships and personal relationships. Traditional medicine’s treatment options for ADD/ADHD can be limited and typically involve prescription medications, which can have harmful and unwanted side effects. This “one size fits all” approach is not always the best option for acquiring long-term help and solutions for difficult ADD/ADHD problems.

Dr. Randy Hansbrough offers a much different approach for patients suffering from ADD/ADHD.

Hansbrough Functional Neurology offers personal attention and customized care to all of its patients. Dr. Hansbrough focuses on natural, safe and effective care for ADD/ADHD without the use of potentially dangerous medications. This approach is designed to position you for improved health for a lifetime.

You will notice the difference from your first phone call, to the one on one contact you receive at each visit, to the fact that you are empowered to take charge of your health for a lifetime when you complete our program. Dr. Hansbrough’s goal for you is to be independently healthy for a lifetime, and he’s prepared to give you the tools and support to make that happen.

Your path to a clear mind begins with a thorough evaluation of you and your brain, and thorough lab testing to evaluate your body systems.

This gives Dr. Hansbrough a more complete picture of what’s going on with your health. He knows that in order to effectively manage your condition, the underlying causes of it have to be determined. Only after your complete evaluation will he give recommendations for care.

Optimal brain care at Hansbrough Functional Neurology is customized for every person based on his or her individual condition, health history, and lab results. No two patients are alike and Dr. Hansbrough treats everyone as an individual, understanding that a “one size fits all” approach rarely achieves the results that patients are looking for.

Dr. Hansbrough is prepared to spend the time to teach you about your condition so that you understand where the imbalances are occurring in your body systems and how to manage them. He will also coach you through your care plan, creating the necessary therapies and making changes to improve your ADD/ADHD condition. Many patients are getting excellent results under Dr. Hansbrough’s care, and they are finding that not only is their ADD/ADHD improving, but also their overall health.

Did you know that with the proper care and management of ADD/ADHD you can actually control your condition and even capitalize on it? This can be done without the use of medication.ADD/ADHD can be complicated and you need a highly trained expert to help you with this condition. That expert is Dr. Randy Hansbrough!

Contact Dr. Hansbrough and the team at Hansbrough Functional Neurology today at (772) 287-7701 to learn how they can help your ADD/ADHD and your health.

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